Cineo Lighting Introduces the Cineo HS2

cineo2Half Moon Bay, CA — Cineo Lighting today announced HS2, the second generation of their legacy HS fixture. HS2 is identical in size, weight, and output to the legacy HS fixture and is 100% cross-compatible with all HS phosphor panels and accessories.

The new power supply, RDM450, is smaller and lighter weight than the legacy power supply and features completely re-designed electronics for improved reliability. Other new features include digital display and control, remote programming via RDM, as well as fine dimming, smooth dimming and strobe capabilities. The RDM450 can be attached directly to the HS2 head for one-piece operation or operated remotely up to 300 feet from the fixture.

The HS2 lamphead features an improved safety switch for better reliability as well as new 80/20 mounting slots on both the sides and back of the fixture to allow for easy attachment of yoke and accessories. Two distinct mixing chambers allow custom CCT mixing via DMX. New hinged top access panel provides easier phosphor panel and accessory changes.

Chuck Edwards, CTO of Cineo Lighting, discussing the development of HS2: “Our goal for the new HS2 was to build upon the already successful HS platform. The enhanced HS2 fixtures maintain ‘plug and play’ compatibility with the thousands of HS systems already being used in the field. This includes support of the same Cineo Remote Phosphor panels so there is no change or compromise to the exceptional light quality expected from a Cineo fixture.”

“The HS fixture has set a new standard for production lighting quality in the three years since its introduction,” said Rich Pierceall, CEO of Cineo Lighting. “With HS2, we have invested all of our experience and user feedback into a next-generation system that will carry the product platform well into the next decade.”

HS2 will begin shipping August 3rd and is available for purchase from Cineo Lighting resellers worldwide. More information is available at

About Cineo Lighting
Cineo Lighting LLC was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television and photography industries. Utilizing the latest developments in the field of phosphorescence and exploiting the unique properties of single wavelength photon sources, the principal partners at Cineo have developed an array of lighting devices that have captured the interest of professional image makers worldwide. Beginning with the TruColor™ lighting line in 2012, the company continues to focus on innovations that push the boundaries of illumination technology. Cineo continues to broaden its offering of robust lighting tools for both studio and portable applications, all with unexcelled brightness, extremely accurate color quality, power efficiency, and flexibility of use. More information available at


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