b<>com Releases “Augmented Reality: The Next Wave” White Paper


Created in late 2012, the b<>com Technology Research Institute is a tech provider and an innovation accelerator for every business that uses digital to increase its competitiveness. b<>com brings together multi-cultural disciplines and talents in augmented reality, virtual reality, and immersive media formats, in the fields of applied artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, 5G networks, Internet of Things, cognitive technologies, and e-health. Thanks to its world-class engineering team, its technology platforms and its unique mix of scientific and industrial knowhow, b<>com offers its clients technology solutions that give them invaluable competitive edge.

b<>com recently published an innovative new white paper titled: “Augmented Reality: The Next Wave”. We are honored to share this paper with our readers in its entirety. Click the link below to read the white paper.

Click here to read Augmented Reality: The Next Wave

Learn more about b<>com: www.b-com.com
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